Rakesh Roshan On Krissh 4: ‘I Will Decide Only Once I am 100 Per Cent Fit’
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Rakesh Roshan On Krissh 4: ‘I Will Decide Only Once I am 100 Per Cent Fit’

Reports suggested that Rakesh Roshan was starting work on the fourth instalment in the Krrish series…

There were reports lately of Rakesh Roshan starting work on Krrish 4 after recovering from his recent illness. One report even suggested that Sanjay Gupta would be directing the fourth instalment of the celebrated franchise while Rakesh would step back as producer. A source very close to Rakesh Roshan dismisses all these reports as mere conjecture. “Right now he isn’t thinking about Krrish.  His complete concentration is on recovering. He  is not in  good health at all. Given the circumstances, to suggest that he is  all set get back to work is  pretty cruel.”

I got in touch personally with Rakesh Roshan to get the truth. He said,  “I am  still  recovering. About Krrish I will only  decide once I’m a 100 percent fit.” Hope this ends  all speculative reports  about  Krrish 4. The truth is, there  is  no Krrish  4 on the  anvil for at least two years. Besides Rakesh Roshan’s health  there  is the  other issue  of a  powerful script to prop up  the fourth  part  of  the  franchise.

The  hunt for  a powerful  fourth  segment had begun right  after Krissh  3 which along with Hrithik  starred  Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut. Neither heroine will feature  in  the fourth segment of Krrish for very different reasons.

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