Rajnikanth's in 'RA.One'
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Rajnikanth's in 'RA.One'

Shah Rukh Khan has convinced the superstar to be a part of his movie

Rajnikanth fans around the world, who'd been waiting to see the superstar in action after his recent illness, are in luck. 'The Boss' has agreed to be a part of Shah Rukh Khan's sci-fi movie 'RA.One', and will soon begin shooting for it.

SRK, who's been open about the fact that 'RA.One' is a tribute to Rajnikanth's 'Robot', was keen to have his inspiration in the movie, and managed to make it happen. This is the first time that SRK and Rajnikanth will be seen together on-screen.

It seems that Rajni will shoot his 'RA.One' scenes in Hyderabad in early October. Apparently, the scene will have him deliver one of his superhit dialogues. In it, SRK is fighting a gang of villains, when Rajnikanth makes his stylish entry in a cool car that destroys the baddies' weapons. SRK asks Kareena Kapoor who the man in the car is, after which Rajnikanth delivers his iconic lines.

As 'RA.One' is being dubbed in Tamil and Telugu, it's going to be a treat for both Rajni and Shah Rukh fans.

The 'RA.One' role doesn't mean, however, that the actor is back to work in every which way. Still recovering from extensive medical treatment he received over a month and a half in Singapore, Rajni will return to full-fledged shoots by November.

With Rajnikanth on board, the number of star guest appearances in 'RA.One' moves up to three. Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt also have special scenes in the movie. Supposedly, they play villains sent by Arjun Rampal's 'RA.One' to fight SRK's 'G.One'