Rajkummar Rao Breaks Down at ‘Made in China’ Trailer Launch
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Rajkummar Rao Breaks Down at ‘Made in China’ Trailer Launch

Rajkummar Rao’s latest film offers plenty of laughs but the actor was going through a tough time himself

There is nothing made in china about Made In China. It is straightaway one of those clever urbane comedies where  sexual innuendos are used  in a decent way not to simulate sleaze but to create an aura of  mischief.  The hero wants to get rich selling Viagara-styled aphrodisiacs to the Chinese and that’s pretty much a tough call considering what shrewd  entrepreneurs  the Chinese are  supposed to be.

There are digs at  the Chinese quickie consumerist culture which I am  sure will be taken in the right spirit  by the Chinese. Unlike us, they have a sense of humour. There is a refreshingly candid  conversation  between  husband and  wife Rajkummar Rao and Mouni Roy where he eagerly if somewhat shyly asks the question most husbands are afraid to ask. Is  she happy with  their sex life? “Am I able to  take you from the ground floor to the top floor?” Raj asks with a goofy grin.

Rao has a whale of a  time with his  Gujarati accent. I  do hope the Gujjus  have as much  of a sense  of humour as  the Chinese. Speaking of  the  all-powerful  Gujjus, it is good to see Paresh Rawal back on screen, giving Rao entrepreneurial wisdom about the  customer being a “Ch…” and the day  Rao finds the key to the lock that the customer wants opened, he’d be a successful entrepreneur.

Looks like producer Dinesh Vijan has found that key. After their super-successful collaboration in Stree, Vijan and Rajkummar Rao seem  to have another winner on their hands. At the trailer launch the  laughs were punctuated  by a mood of  sobriety  . Rajkummar Rao’s  father passed away recently. When reminded  of the  loss Rao kept smiling and talking. But his voice  had a crack  in  it which broke my heart.

In Mera Naam  Joker Raj Kapoor was shown going on stage  the  morning after his  screen-mother dies. In real life Kishore Kumar did a comedy scene after his wife Madhubala passed away.  The show, as  they say must go on. Specially when it comes to the hardworking Chinese.

Watch the trailer here

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