Rajiv Khandelwal's goes into a mushy mode

Rajiv Khandelwal's goes into a mushy mode

His next is an intense love story
Rajiv Khandelwal's goes into a mushy mode

He may have started his film career on a highly unorthodox note with "Aamir", but actor Rajiv Khandelwal gets into a mushy mode in his next that will be directed by British filmmaker John Owen.

Titled "Peter Gaya Kaam Se", the movie is set to be shot in Goa and is being produced by UTV Spotboy - the banner that produced his debut film. It will be a full-on love story but whether Rajiv's 'good friend' Amna Sharif will be paired opposite him is yet to be determined.

"Believe it or not, I'm seeing far less of her now than before. She's busy devouring 'Aloo Chat' and I'm busy chasing 'Aamir'," jokes Rajiv about Amna's debut film and his own.

"Coincidentally we both started our feature films together. But her film is very different from mine. I didn't even have a heroine."

Rajiv candidly admits that Amna has not been a part of his movie plans.

"She knows nothing about 'Aamir'. I did hear the plot of her film. We've been too busy to take interest in each other's activities. We're both busy establishing our respective movie careers. Right now I'm going through a phase where I get interested in every woman I meet. But I do want a special partner."

Rajiv says he won't be going back to television. "Unless television evolves. Otherwise there's no chance of my returning to TV."

"At the moment, all I can think of is 'Aamir' where I play this ordinary guy caught in an extraordinary situation. It tells us that circumstances make us heroes. It made me a hero on TV. And it's made 'Aamir' a hero. He comes from an ordinary middle-class background; so do I. He's average looking; so am I. I've hardly used any makeup in 'Aamir'."

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