Rajinikant’s New Film Has A Heavy Marathi Influence

Rajinikant’s New Film Has A Heavy Marathi Influence

Anjali Patil Tells Us About It
Rajinikant’s New Film Has  A Heavy Marathi Influence

The  new  Rajinikanth starrer  Kaala which  was  to open on 27 April( now rescheduled) has a very heavy Marathi  influence. Not only does one  of  the  characters take Rajinkianth’s original  Marathi name, that is  Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, Nana Patekar who plays the main antagonist  is Maharashtrian  in  the film and speaks  his lines in Marathi.

The very talented Anjali Patil, seen giving stellar performances in  recent films  like Newton and the Marathi The Silence, features in a prominent role as one of  the Marathi  characters. Says Anjali, “My character too takes her name after Rajini Sir’s real name. I  am  named  Puyal Charumati  Gaekwad. I play  a feisty young Tamil-speaking Marathi girl born and brought  up in Dharavi.”

Anjali  clarifires  that she  doesn’t have  any romantic involvement with Rajinikanth’s  character. “Huma Qureshi plays Rajini  Sir’s romantic interest. I have this  very interesting stand-alone part.”

Anjali  is  reluctant to reveal too much about her character. “This film is  very different from Rajini Sir’s usual films . It has a strong political message. I play a character who propels  the  plot forward. So I can’t crib about getting a  raw deal , etc. Because I got to do exactly what I was  promised  by  the director Pa Ranjith, nothing more  nothing less. I’ve some very powerful scenes. Some of them  with Rajini Sir.”

What Anjali found most interesting about the film was its heavy Marathi influence. “We  shot half the film in Maharashtra(Mumbai) and  the other half in Tamil Nadu. It does have a strong Marathi element in  the storytelling. That’s why I  was  chosen  to be in the  film. The director saw me in  my Sri Lankan  film Oba Nathuwa Oba Ekka and decided  to cast me.”

Apparently Rajnikanth had the final say in the  casting. It was he who thought Anjali  suited the role of the feisty Marathi character. Not that Anjali  is  awed  by Rajini’s  stardom.  “I found the  adulation, reverence and hero-worship fascinating. But nothing that I’d ever want for myself. For me acting is not about adulation.  It  constantly means  to grown and evolve as a human being. I am currently learning  how to play a musical instrument called the Hang. And I am writing my  own script which I plan to  direct soon.”

How does Anjali look back  on  the experience  of working with Rajinikant. “He was so down-to-earth, always attentive. One never felt intimidated  by his stardom  because he never allows it to impinge  on his  day-to-day life. We all need  to learn  from Rajini Sir’s humility and sincerity.”

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