Rajesh Khanna not entering "Bigg Boss"

Rajesh Khanna not entering "Bigg Boss"

Akshay prevents father-in-law from possible embarrassment
Rajesh Khanna not entering "Bigg Boss"

Rajesh Khanna

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Amid speculations about Rajesh Khanna entering the Bigg Boss house, the veteran actor has finally said no to the reality show "Bigg Boss".

The channel, Colors, was trying its best to convince the yesteryears superstar to participate in the show but it was his son-in-law Akshay Kumar who saved the situation and managed to convince him at the last minute not to do it.

It seems Akshay wasn't too enthusiastic about seeing his father-in-law indulging in all what happens in the house. Rajesh Khanna has already been condemned by the audience for working in C grade film like "Wafaaa", in which he has done some sleazy scenes with the young heroine.

Akki and the family did not want any further disgrace on Kaka's once-illustrious career. Also, they did not want to take any chances, given the presence of young girls like Claudia Ciesla on the show.

Akshay shares a very good rapport with the team at Colors as he has done two parts of the show "Fear Factor" with them. So Akshay's timely intervention managed to keep Kakaji out of the house.