Raima Sen's virtual nuptial
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Raima Sen's virtual nuptial

The actress later said it was a 'joke'

Raima Sen might have enjoyed her high spirited evening a bit too much because the lady declared that she was all set to marry her 'good friend' Varun Thappar on her twitter account! The declaration was posted along with some pictures of herself with Varun in which she was draped all over him! In another image, Varun was seen down on one knee!

The pictures were posted during a party where Raima allegedly had a bit too much to drink. The actress was clicked holding hands and dancing with Varun but the one that caused all the chaos was the picture where Varun is down on one knee in front of her. When she woke up the next morning with her senses back in order she realised her folly and quickly posted that her status message about getting married was a joke!

However, her family did not find Raima's photo-sessions amusing in the least since they really believed that she was getting married without informing them. Her parents received calls from friends and relatives inquiring about Raima's intended 'marriage' but they could only fumble for answers since they had no clue about it themselves!

Friends of the actress believe that in her stupor she might have posted something she wants to come true; they say that the actress is quite fond of Varun and wouldn't mind getting married to him!

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