Rahul Bose delighted by Mallika's comedy

Rahul Bose delighted by Mallika's comedy

But the actress is feeling low following the failure of her last film
Rahul Bose delighted by Mallika's comedy

Rahul Bose

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Mallika Sherawat plays a bad actor in funny flick "Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam", which releases on Friday, and her co-star Rahul Bose says she has done a splendid job.

The film is about how a small theatre group saves the country and Mallika is the lead actress of the group.

"I'm delighted by how good Mallika is at comedy. I play the guy who tries to get her attention right under her husband Paresh Rawal's nose," Rahul, who gave a hit in "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" with Mallika, told IANS.

"Mallika is part of the theatre repertory in the film. In fact, all the principal actors Mallika, Paresh (who plays her husband), Kay Kay Menon and Zakir Hussain are part of the theatre group.

"I'm not part of the theatre group. I'm a RAW agent who needs to save the world by taking the help of the theatre company containing probably the world's worst actors. So the world's worst theatre group is helping me to save the world," added Rahul.

In essence, brilliant actors like Paresh and Kay Kay are required to ham it up.

"The only thing that this theatre group can do effectively on stage is a rendition of K. Asif's film 'Mughall-e-Azam'. That's where my Salim act with Anarkali comes in. I'm only fantasising about being on stage with Mallika."

But Mallika is keeping a low profile these days. According to sources, she is shattered by the box office performance of "Ugly Aur Pagli" and has gone into a shell.

"Mallika had given the film her best shot, and was expecting it to be a glorious follow-up to 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects'. The poor show of the film has affected her. She's no longer that confident of her next release 'Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam'."

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