Rahul Bose advocates marriage!
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Rahul Bose advocates marriage!

The actor is still a bachelor at 45

Rahul Bose was in for a shock recently when he opened a newspaper to find his own picture staring back at him from the matrimonial section advocating the column and its credibility! His picture was used in an ad which said that if one is young, "sauve" and single they (the newspaper) could find a match for them. After overcoming the initial shock, Rahul burst out laughing since he is 45 years old and still single!

Rahul decided to maintain healthy humour about the newspaper 'stealing' his picture from his 2003 movie 'Mumbai Matinee' for their matrimonial section. It was extremely amusing for him to find that they had used his picture, even though he's a known bachelor and hasn't been linked with many actresses either. He went online to tweet about the incident and his followers on the website happily volunteered to play matchmakers!

Rahul was in a good mood when he said this in an interview, "Maybe I should stand in front of Flora Fountain with the ad though I will underline the word 'sauve' and interchange the a and u so people know I mean 'suave'."

He's obviously in a benevolent mood since he isn't going to slap any legal notice on the paper for using his picture without permission.

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