'Race 3' Trailer Review: It's a Salman Khan Show All The Way
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'Race 3' Trailer Review: It's a Salman Khan Show All The Way

'Race 3' which will be Salman Khan's big Eid release has guns, girls and glory. But do you miss Saif Ali Khan, the star of the previous two 'Race' movies in the trailer?

Though there are many actors, much fireworks and a  whole  lot of noise  mostly created when cars collide and fancy guns  go off in the wilderness, it is only one man whom we see from first frame  to last in the trailer of  Race 3. Give or take a few blasts here and there.

For one,  the 'Race'  is won by relying almost completely on its  Superstar’s  super-imposing aura. And why not? When  you have  Salman Khan  in  the lead, talking about how he would  go to any lengths to protect  his  family, he seems to be doing an extension of his real-life image as the superstar who loves his family above all else. With Salman playing another variation on himself you really don’t need anything more to liven up proceedings. The trailer has more of Salman than all the other actors  put together. He is so seen to be almost single-mindedly obsessed with machines: cars, mo’bikes, machine guns and Robotic  actresses who think  going to the gym is equivalent to being a star.

Not that the  supporting cast is particularly  interesting. Except  for Anil Kapoor who appears in a menacing larger-than-life avatar with an all-white beard, the  other actors seem  to be mere props, saying their lines as  though they were being  forced to do so with a gun held to their collective heads. Bobby Deol who  has confessed that he came on board on Bhai’s say-so,  is seen taking  off his shirt  alongside Salman and walking towards the camera in slo-mo. You really need to be brave  to go shirtless  alongside   the  centrespread  icon who seems  to have invented the shirtless look.

Interestingly  both  the heroines have action scenes. Daisy Shah slits her tightly-wound dress with a  knife from thigh to foot to be able to kick some ass literally. Jacqueline Fernandez gets to perform some stunts too. While doing them she  also gets time  to make a  ‘marriage joke’ with Salman who asks her for her hand. “Not  in marriage  but something  else,” grins Salman. We wonder what  it could. The mind boggles at  the  possibilities. 

Take a look at the trailer. 

We are relieved. The last thing we need in a big-budgeted action movie is a stopover  for  a solemn wedding. Everybody seems  be having a grand time except Saqib Salim, who  cribs. “I am sick of this Sikoo ay ( that is Salman’s Sikandar).” A sentiment unlikely to be shared  by  the moviegoing  public which just can’t get enough of Salman. In Race 3 he seems happy being  in  almost every frame, mowing down  enemies  in expensive cars, shooting guns that  look as strange as they look intimidating.

Somehow  I  missed  Saif Ali Khan in the trailer of  Race 3. But I am sure  no one  in the audience this Eid would be  thinking of any other actor  except Salman. He wouldn’t let them.

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