Rabi Pirzada's Private Pictures Leaked Online: Twitter Comes Out In Support After She Bids Farewell to Showbiz

Rabi Pirzada's Private Pictures Leaked Online: Twitter Comes Out In Support After She Bids Farewell to Showbiz

Rabi Pirzada's private pictures were leaked online which made the singer bid farewell to showbiz. Twitter has since come out in her support

Singer Rabi Pirzada has bid farewell to the showbiz industry amid controversy surrounding her compromised images and videos. Taking to Twitter, the singer wrote, “I, Rabi Pirzada, have decided to distance myself from the showbiz industry.” She further wrote, “May Allah forgive my sins and soften others’ hearts towards me.” The singer also confirmed the decision to quit the showbiz industry.

According to the reports, Rabi had lodged a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency, over the leaked content that went viral on social media platforms. Soon after her pictures and videos were leaked, many came out in her support.

This is an example of patriarchy thriving. A society with a patriarchal mindset just wants one thing: for women to go away.
To disappear. To not exist unless they surrender to patriarchy's terms. In these conditions simply existing is a radical act.

I stand with Rabi Pirzada
I respect her privacy.
I respect her right to any decision about her life that she's entitled to.
I respect her political stance whether or not I agree with them.
I protest against the heinous crime committed, prima facie, to silence her.

We must stop trolling Rabi Pirzada All hypocrites who makes criticism do the same things behind the doors. They drunk, make fun of women, watch porns in the night but in daylight they becone the so called  society owners. They must be ans hard.

Its not just the weaker sex argument here, but she is also the target and victim of a fascist regime with a gun in one hand and a video camera in the other. Only one difference of opinion with army spokesman, and she is crushed with vendetta.

Guys please avoid tweeting about or sharing Rabi Pirzada’s video leak. It can have a negative effect on her. It was leaked by her ex, I believe. And she is stupid for even recording such a video bit it’s her privacy so please refrain from sharing it.

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