Rabi Pirzada, Who is She and Things You Need to Know About the Trending Pakistani Singer

Rabi Pirzada, Who is She and Things You Need to Know About the Trending Pakistani Singer

Rabi Pirzada is a Pakistani singer who has been in the news due to various controversies. She has recently decided to quit the showbiz industry

Although Rabi Pirzada has not received much praise or accolade for her work in music, she has always been surrounded by controversies. Be it threatening the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a suicide jacket or having the exotic snakes at home as pets, Rabi Pirzada has always been a part of the controversies. She has also always been vocal about her political and social views. However, the latest controversy has been traumatic for the singer. Rabi Pirzada’s private videos were released on the internet allegedly by the person whom she had sold her old phone to. It was hard for her to cope with the shock and agony hence she ended up quitting showbiz for good.

Rabi Pirzada’s videos generated a heated debate on the internet where many people came out in favor of her right to privacy. Many people also had an objection to her making any such videos at all. Rabi Pirzada also launched an official complaint against the issue with the Federal Investigation Authority, Pakistan. However, handling the emotional trauma became overwhelming for her. Rabi Pirzada took Twitter to announce her decision.  She also apologized for making the videos and urged the people to respect her privacy and not spread the media related to her private videos.

Rabi Pirzada started her career in the year 2004. Her first song Dahdi Kurree did not become famous among the critics but the audiences found the beat catchy and Rabi Pirzada’s screen presence pleasant. She also made a few more songs and although she was passionate about the craft her music could not do great business. Rabi Pirzada tried her luck at various avenues including hosting and acting. She produced a drama Qissa Kursi in July 2016. Rabi Pirzada had also announced working in films. Rabi Pirzada owns a beauty salon in Lahore, Pakistan.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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