Rabi Pirzada: Singer Shares an Emotional Video About Her Life After the Scandal

Rabi Pirzada: Singer Shares an Emotional Video About Her Life After the Scandal

Rabi Pirzada has been in the news since her private data got leaked. She recently released a video about the trauma she underwent after the incident.

Rabi Pirzada finally came in front of the camera after her scandalous private videos got leaked. On her youtube channel, Rabi Pirzada posted a video dressed in black speaking about the trauma she underwent after the incident.  According to the singer, she was looking for answers during this period. Quoting the religious scriptures, Rabi Pirzada said that she connected to Allah during all those days. Whatever she recorded was her private act. She expressed her strong belief in the mercy of Allah who has promised to forgive all sins except Shirk.

Rabi Pirzada revealed that when her private data got leaked, it spread like wildfire. According to Rabi Pirzada, she was offered many commercials, television shows, and related projects after the incident. She was also contacted by the feminists who extended her support for this time. Rabi Pirzada said that she turned down all those offers because she knew that she had disobeyed Allah even if it was in private.

Rabi Pirzada broke down as she spoke about people’s hurtful behavior towards her. She said that people claiming to be Muslims were not real Muslims because they did not let any misguided person follow the right path. Rabi Pirzada also mentioned those who had been arrested by the FIA for spreading her videos. However, there were also those who appeared like angels in her life.

Rabi Pirzada broke down multiple times during this video. She pledged to dedicate her life to the promotion and propagation of the teachings of Islam. She said that even if she sings in the future it would only be related to Islam or Sufism. Rabi Pirzada urged people to take lessons from her life and forgive her. Rabi Pirzada ended her video with a message to pray for her and Kashmir.

Her team tweeted on Twitter that it was hard to get a message from Rabi Pirzada as she was completely shattered after the incident.

Earlier, she had also shared images of the Holy Kaaba painting she made, with the caption 'A new beginning.'

Rabi Pirzada is a Pakistani singer, model, and actress who joined the industry in 2004 has always been surrounded by one controversy or the other. Sometimes it is about wearing a suicide jacket and threatening the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and at times she gets caught for keeping exotic snakes at her home. The recent controversy which changed the course of her life was the leakage of her private data. According to Rabi Pirzada, the data was leaked when she sold her old phone. She filed a complaint in FIA against the culprits and announced to quit showbiz for good.

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