R Madhavan Turns Director with His Nambi Naraynan Film

The film is based on the scientist who has falsely accused of espionage
R Madhavan Turns Director with His Nambi Naraynan Film
R Madhavan

For my money and  time, R Madhavan is an actor I would want to watch even if it means wading through knee-deep water.

The teaser of Madhavan’s bio-pic Rocketry The Nambi Effect  on the legendary space scientist Nambi Naraynan shows us where we  go wrong while doing  bio-pics.

We simply pick the wrong subjects. Why a  bio-pic on Dhoni when he  is still active on  the field? And then  you have the audacity to eliminate his brother’s character  from  the  film!  Bio-pic or bio-pick-and-choose? Why a  biopic on Sanjay Dutt ? Why not  his noble  father Sunil Dutt?

Because good guys make boring  bio-pics? Hopefully the  untold story of Nambi Narayanan will come  to us with  the kind of dramatic  emotional velocity and heft generally  lacking in  bio-pics made in India. Madhavan who has a solid 25 years of acting experience on television and  in  cinema  has  the  right personality  and image to portray a  scientist who devoted his  life to the country, only to be falsely accused of  espionage.

The  bio-pic’s teaser  credits the direction of Rocketry The  Nambi Effect jointly to veteran  director Ananath Mahadevan and Madhavan.

Finally, the actor turns director officially. This, we have to see.