Quirky Bollywood films you need to watch on Netflix

Quirky Bollywood films you need to watch on Netflix

We pick out the best quirky flicks on the streaming platform

Netflix has an endless catalogue of material, including some of Bollywood’s most loved  films. Everything from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum, to Main Hoon Na is available to stream on the platform, however, there is also a great selection of the more quirky, eccentric side of Indian cinema. Read on to see our top quirky film pics on Netflix.

Bollywood Calling

An American actor, Patrick Stormaire goes to India to star in a Bollywood film only to find out that the script is yet to be written. This eccentric film references all the clichés surrounding the Indian film industry and makes for a great light hearted watch.

Delhi Belly

Three housemates, Tashi, Nitin and Arup find themselves in the middle of some questionable illegal business after misplacing some expensive diamonds. This laugh out loud flick starring Imran Khan showcases the more quirky side of Bollywood’s independent film scene.

C Kkompany

Three broke friends decided they need to earn money fast, so they come up with an idea to start a gang to extort money. With what started out as a seamless plan, they soon stumble across a series of complications which land them in deep trouble.

Made In China

Raghu is a failed entrepreneur who goes to China in search of new business opportunities. During his travels he comes across a potentially life changing business idea after hearing about a special sports drink. To his surprise, the drink is not what he expected he ends up on a wacky journey. 


Amir Khan plays a goofy alien called pk, who lands on Earth for a research mission but can’t return to his home planet. During his stay, he questions the everyday problems in the world whilst pondering on religion and philosophy.

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