Quick Tips For Healthy Hair

Quick Tips For Healthy Hair

Trichologist Mike Ryan busts some myths and offers some useful suggestions

Good hair is undoubtedly the first step towards getting gorgeous. Yet, summers and the humidity can ensure your hair becomes limp and loses its sheen. Clear Arabia Brand Expert and trichologist Mark Ryan offers quick tips on how to keep your hair healthy and vibrant



1) What, according to you, is the ideal way to tackle hair loss?

Most important thing is to obtain the correct diagnosis for the cause of your hair fall. Do not take the advice or product recommendation of a friend. The product may have worked for them in the past but your hair fall could be a completely different issue.


2) Premature greying is a major concern for a lot of young men and women today. What can be done to avoid this?

Grey hair is hereditary,  but there is some evidence that people that are low in the B group of vitamins are more susceptible to it. Taking a B complex may help but it will not reverse the condition.


3) Can styling your hair every day spell doom for your hair? Or is it just a myth?

Everyday styling is no issue providing  you are not overdrying or using hot irons, curling irons to the point where you are burning the hair. Use thermal protection and quality styling products that are easily removed from the hair when shampooing


4)   What are the must-have foods that can ensure hair remains healthy?

Drink two litres of water

Not too much salt or high fat content

No black tea.

Eat breakfast containing eggs or kippers (oily fish)  or low-fat cheese.

Lunch: Minimum of 120 gram of any meat, fish, eggs or poultry, vegetables or fruit.

Snack on fruits, raw vegetables and wholemeal biscuits in between meals.

 5)  A celebrity, you feel, who wears her hair best?

What you see on the camera and the screen is not a true reflection of the condition of their hair, so be careful when you admire them.



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