Quick Review: Ynot Bar And Kitchen

A peek into one of the most unique bars in town
Quick Review: Ynot Bar And Kitchen

When the prices go down, the atmosphere goes up!

Ynot is not your usual bar. Its exposed brick walls with Banksy-esque murals, bookcases replete with sliding ladders lend this bar a sleek, gallery feel. 

On our visit, we chose to sink into one of the oversized armchairs and found it to be the perfect, relaxed setting as the stock exchange screen was projected right in front of us. Upon arrival we were given 200YnotDollars to splurge on. We were instantly approached by a well-informed waiter who guided us through the tapas menu and lucky for us, our waiter tipped us off with information that one of the bestselling beverages would be down to 10YNotDollars in the next hour!

The stock exchange market prices go up or down depending on the demand of the beverages at that hour. We opted for beverages, which were initially priced at 20YnotDollars and by the end of the night it costed us 50YnotDollars, more than double the preliminary price!

To accompany our beverages, my partner and I opted for the Mini Wagyu cheeseburgers with fries which was perfectly cooked to medium rare, just the way we had asked them to! (Dhs65)

INFO: Intercontinental, Dubai Marina. Every Friday starting 25 March 2016 from 16:00 to 21:00