Queen Elizabeth II Still Rides The Horses And Stays Fit

Queen Elizabeth II Still Rides The Horses And Stays Fit

Queen Elizabeth II became the queen after her father’s untimely death. She has three sons and a daughter with husband Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in the history of Britain. People might have disagreements with the monarchy in Britain but everyone is always full of respect and awe for the determination and commitment of Queen Elizabeth II. Despite being 93 years old, Queen Elizabeth is still going strong and works harder than most of the people who are even younger. She follows a strict routine when it comes to work and spends a great part of the day at work. To take a break from her hectic schedule, the monarch takes the break as she spends time at Balmoral Castle every year.

Queen Elizabeth’s time at Balmoral is just like anyone else’s holiday. Her staff makes sure that she has her favorite television shows recorded for her as she leaves London. Queen Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren also visit her at balmoral and enjoy some equality time with the monarch which is otherwise not possible on a regular basis. Queen Elizabeth is a keen equestrian as well. Even at this age, she loves riding whenever she is at Balmoral. Here is a picture of Her Majesty while riding a horse. This is a rare sight as the monarch is seldom seen wearing pants and is mostly dressed in formal dresses. This picture shows the classic British yet relatively casual side of the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth’s love for horses has traveled to her daughter Princess Anne and granddaughter Zara Philips. Both Princess Margret and Zara have been a part of many national-level competitions including the Olympics.

Queen Elizabeth lives an active and healthy lifestyle. Her health is majorly attributed to her lifestyle which has kept her functioning well irrespective of the age. Queen Elizabeth performs all her royal responsibilities except traveling to distant places which she has now delegated to other members of the royal family who travel on her behalf. These members are called the full-time royals.

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