Qismat, Episode 4:  Soha Confides in Riyyan
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Qismat, Episode 4: Soha Confides in Riyyan

In this Minal Khan show, Soha takes Riyyan in confidence and tells him about the circumstances of their marriage

Some shows manage to write the utmost of unlikable characters – and Qismat is a winner here.  While Adnan (Kamran Jillani) immediately became unlikable once it became clear that he was willing to put his younger brother, Riyyan (Faizan Khawaja), above everyone else in an almost psychopathic way, Riyyan himself came off as unlikable for essentially forcing his “love” for Soha (Minal Khan) onto her without even discussing his feelings with her beforehand.  Throwing the entire family into the loop, Riyyan managed to push Soha into a corner where she was forced to react.  Of course, we cannot forget Soha’s family, the beloved Mamoon and Maami who treated Soha like “their own,” and yet forced her to marry someone for the sake of Maham’s (Sharmeen Ali) marriage.  However, a show really manages to go haywire when the female lead becomes unlikable.  With episode 4, Qismat has managed to attain a highly unlikable female lead in the character of Soha.

In episode 4, Waleed continues to be angry with Soha as she tries to placate him, explaining the situation and begging for forgiveness.  However, throughout the episode, despite Soha making it clear that Waleed himself gave her bad suggestions which got her into this predicament, Waleed is angry, mean and downright nasty to Soha.  This is where it becomes evident to the viewer that Waleed is NOT a good guy, despite his beliefs of being so, and he will not stand by Soha when the time comes to do so. 

Soha finally decides to take Riyyan into confidence and explain the situation to him – by this point though, Soha is coming across as foolish, wrecking her marriage to a man who clearly seems to love her for a man who is literally treating her like dirt AND who has a family that despises her and will not allow the marriage to happen.  Soha tells Riyyan and, of course, he is shocked, initially believing that she’s joking.  However, he thinks about it, but later comes back to her and explains that he cannot break the hearts of his family like this.  He does not want to fall in the eyes of both families by calling off the wedding, nor does he want to harm Adnan’s marriage to Maham.  He asks Soha to give him another chance to make the marriage work, but she is unrelenting.  Angry, he storms off.  Later, he confides in Adnan – a bad move – and tells him that Soha wants a divorce.

Up until now, Riyyan’s character came across as someone who got too friendly too fast and did not allow Soha to make her own decision to marry him – or not.  However, logically speaking, he didn’t really know the circumstances that made her say yes.  However, looking at the present situation, episode 4 strictly moves Soha to the forefront of the “bad guy” category.   Soha may have loved Waleed, but he did not fight for her with his family.  He also gave her bad advice and then blamed her for getting stuck.  Now, he continues to treat her terribly, even though she’s suffering and trying to fix things for their relationship at the cost of ruining all her other relationships.  Is Waleed worth it?  No.  Of course, Soha is not the only “bad guy.”  Adnan is another member of this club, a very illogical, emotional and irritating character who will sacrifice anyone, including his wife, for the sake of his younger brother’s happiness.  With the previews showing Maham most likely pregnant, what happens next will be interesting to see.  

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