Qismat, Episode 3:  Soha Is in a Dilemma
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Qismat, Episode 3: Soha Is in a Dilemma

In Minal Khan’s “Qismat,” her character Soha is forced to get married to Riyaan, despite being in love with Waleed

Qismat is a frustrating tale already after only two episodes. The show deals with two sisters who, ultimately, marry two brothers. What really is strikingly irritating about the show is how, in the first episode, Soha (Minal Khan) goes on about how her Chacha and Chachi have always been like her parents and have never treated her differently than Maham (Sharmeen Ali), their real daughter.  However, in episode 2, this entire claim falls flat on its head, because they commit the ultimate “bad parent” blooper.  Chacha and Chachi literally force Soha into a marriage, sacrificing one daughter for the sake of another. 

In the last two episodes, we’ve seen Soha in love with Waleed, her classmate.  However, Maham’s brother-in-law Riyyan, played by Faizan Khawaja, falls in love with Soha on the wedding (in a most annoying series of scenes).  As Adnan (Kamran Jillani), Maham’s husband, cannot stand to disappoint his brother, he quickly arranges for his family to take Riyyans proposal for Soha.  Maham’s parents happily agree, requesting to run it by Soha first.

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In episode 3, Waleed’s mother is introduced, a crazy, whiney, illogical character with a volume level that’s unbearable.  She immediately shows signs of disliking Soha, commenting on her “besharmi” (shameless behavior).  Riyaan discusses Soha with Adnan, excited to get a reply from her family.  He heads over with gifts for Maham, using this as an excuse to see Soha.  Soha’s Chachi uses full emotional blackmail to get Soha to agree to the marriage.  Frustrated, Soha finally tells Chachi and Maham that she’s in love with someone else.  Chachi tells Soha to have Waleed’s mother come over the next day, otherwise she can forget it.  Waleed’s illogical, irrational, irritable mother refuses outright to even think about Waleed’s marriage before her elder daughter is married.  Waleed asks Soha to run away with him – as if this would solve anything in any world – and when she refuses, he comes up with another brilliant idea.  He tells Soha to agree to marry Riyaan and then reject the Rishta after Maham is comfortable in her home.  Soha decides to go along with this foolish idea, even though she’s uncomfortable with it.  But this immediately becomes a problem with the ridiculous, impatient RIyaan decides he wants a Nikkah instead of an engagement.  Soha is forced into a Nikkah on the day of Maham’s wedding, a Nikkah that Waleed witnesses. 

The level of “annoying” in this drama is difficult to express.  There is the selfish Maham, a “sister” who expects Soha to abandon all ideas of love simply for her own relationship.  There are the annoying Chacha and Chachi, a couple that expects their “daughter” Soha to bend over backwards for them, agreeing to insane things like a Nikkah on the spot.  There’s RIyaan, the most foolish man in the show, a man who doesn’t understand that Soha isn’t his “love at first sight” property and is capable of having a life outside of her home – one that includes liking someone else.  Of course, there is Adnan, a true psychopath who thinks he can just hand anything and everything to his brother – apparently Soha is a toy for his brother to be pacified with.  This character Is yet another version of Junaid Khan’s role in “Ishq Tamasha,” a loving brother who loves just a little too much (he needs therapy).  And last, there’s Waleed, this boy who comes from a household with crazy, argumentative women who have no rational reason for their decisions.  He’s also a man who has the guts to fall in love, but doesn’t have any to fight for his love.  What’s most laughable is that in this entire scenario, Soha still wants to marry this man who is unable to fight for her.  She actually should marry Riyaan (well, obviously she is) just because Waleed is such a good-for-nothing.  “Qismat” is already a show that’s grating on the nerves – and with the upcoming storyline twist next week, we are entering “Hassad’ level misery.