Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 19: A Promising Show Slides Towards a Typical Route
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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 19: A Promising Show Slides Towards a Typical Route

Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi have been winning hearts in “Pyar Ke Sadqay” as the innocent Abdullah and Mehjabeen – but has Shanzay put a halt to their love story?

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“Pyar Ke Sadqay” is a show I look forward to each week, thoroughly enjoying the sweet, innocent romance between Abdullah and Mehjabeen, the reactions of Mansoora and Washma towards Mehjabeen’s antics and, of course, the sinister, plotting Sarwar with his evil intentions.  “Pyar Ke Sadqay” has everything going for it with an interesting story, an incredible cast, solid direction by Farooq Rind, beautiful sets….what’s to criticize?  Unfortunately with the latest episode, there is a lot to criticize.  While in past episodes, we’ve seen Shanzay’s growing interest in Abdullah post his marriage due to her own miserable marriage, Shanzay’s interest takes a bizarre turn in the latest episode.

Episode 19 opens with Shanzay (Yashma Gill) and Isa fighting as Shanzay demands a divorce and Isa slaps her.  Seeing this, her father (Khalid Anam) rushes in to protect his daughter and chases Isa away.  Up until now, Shanzay has been a strong, solid character that has been more relatable than many of the other characters on the show and even here, it’ snice to see that her father is supportive.  But here’s where it all goes haywire. 

Still in her nightclothes, Shanzay waltzes into Abdullah’s (Bilal Abbas Khan) office and makes him promise to marry her once she’s divorced.  What?  Why?  First of all, let’s just question why Shanzay couldn’t get dressed properly?  Second, Shanzay is a strong, confident, modern girl with a solid background and life experience.  Worries of who will marry her after her 3-day marriage would be the last thing on her mind – but that’s what we’re dished out.  Understanding Shanzay’s pull to Abdullah due to her own negative experience is one thing, but the jump to marriage for no rhyme or reason does not bode well for the writing of the show.

Abdullah is a character that has been lovable overall in each episode, a character that has seemed clean of heart and innocent, one that puts a smile on the face.  This was the first episode where I felt I wanted to reach into my screen and give Abdullah a good shake.  Abdullah was straight-out unlikable, dancing to Shanzay’s tune at the snap of her fingers and forgetting his promises to Mehjabeen.  And while Bilal Abbas Khan continues to perform well, there were some discrepancies here with Abdullah’s character that did not sit well.  Abdullah is not a confident character. 

If anything, Mehjabeen has given him much-needed confidence with her faith in him.  So how is it that after Munshi Ji spots Abdullah with Shanzay, Abdullah seems embarrassed for a moment but then doesn’t give it a second thought later on?  This is a man who has cared for Abdullah like a son, accepted him when Sarwar did not, so how does Abdullah not even reflect on this moment for even a second?  How does Abdullah not try to pacify Mehjabeen, at least if only out of guilt?  Instead, we see a hostile Abdullah shooing Mehjabeen away like a fly.  It’s painful to watch this as Mehjabeen does her best to win over her husband, but is left disappointed.

Sarwar (Omair Rana) has become more bold in his pursuit of Mehjabeen and openly tells her that Abdullah will marry Shanzay, becoming angry when Mehjabeen continues to reject his advances.  It’s actually refreshing to see Mehjabeen catch on to Sarwar’s evil intentions and she is making it clear that she does not trust him.  Sarwar is also slowly trying to brainwash Mansoora (Atiqa Odho) against Mehjabeen.  Omair Rana is brilliant as always, but Sarwar’s moves are becoming a bit redundant and, honestly, confusing.  What is his end game?  Yumna Zaidi’s portrayal of Mehjabeen  is always fun to watch, but this episode sees a nice change as Mehjabeen is shown trying to groom herself and alter her own behavior to save her marriage.

Overall, while the episode had some good performances, namely from Yumna Zaidi, it is a let-down.  The show seems to be taking on the “dusri biwi” track and Mehjabeen is already becoming the bechaari, neglected wife.  For a show that started off so refreshingly different, it’s taking a path that viewers simply do not want to see it go down.  Here’s hoping the next episode pulls the show out of this ditch.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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