'Proud of the Masala That We Have Moulded and Created Together': Kavita Srinivasan
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'Proud of the Masala That We Have Moulded and Created Together': Kavita Srinivasan

As Masala! editor Kavita Srinivasan moves on to her next assignment, here's a note for the thousands of readers

All good things come to an end. After almost five years at the helm of Masala!, I am hanging up my gossip hat and ready and steady for change. Every week for the past few years, we have laboured to bring you the best that the UAE and Bollywood have had to offer, with inside news, exciting newsmakers and the hottest stars. Each week has been a dynamic journey with my always-inspiring and brilliant team whose creativity, spirit and can-do attitude has made the most stressful of situations a joy. My Masala! journey has been a trove of treasured memories. From the red carpeted glory of the Masala! Awards where we brushed shoulders with Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Jeetendra Abhishek Bachchan, Karan Johar and other living legends, to late night deadlines with plenty of pizzas, maltesers, chips, cake and a gallon of Fanta, punctuated with giggles and delirium, every issue has been a labour of love, every event satisfyingly brilliant and I am filled with pride for the Masala! that we have moulded and created together. This letter may be maudlin but I want to thank my team over the past few years for making each day memorable. So, Farah, Lekha, Vibha, Katie, Nazia, Anamika, Shraddha, Palomi, Deepa, Nikhil, Balu, Taruna, Aggie and Sonal, thank you for the fun, the memories and so much more. And lastly, thank you to you --- dear reader --- for your love and support. As the French say --- Au Revoir --- which literally translates into "till we meet again".

Kavita Srinivasan

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