Priyanka Chopra's Show 'Quantico' Closes Down, What Next for the Actress?
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Priyanka Chopra's Show 'Quantico' Closes Down, What Next for the Actress?

Sources say Priyanka Chopra was not entirely unaware of the axe falling on her show Quantico. She has already signed a film in Bollywood with Salman Khan

A few days ago, there was some  discouraging news  for Priyanka Chopra’s  efforts to consolidate her  international career. The American  television production company ABC has decided to terminate  her signature show Quantico.

The  popularity  of the show has been waning and it was suspected for quite a while that the  axe may fall on the show. With the  ABC cancelling the show Priyanka  loses her biggest claim  to fame in America. More than any of her other activities in the US,  it is her association with Quantico and her  popular character Alex Parrish that have  brought her fame

Recently Priyanka was  most excited  to have shot for the show in Tuscany.Quantico lasted  for three seasons with Priyanka. The end has come  suddenly a time when Priyanka is  trying to  rebuild her career in Bollywood by signing a film Bharat with Salman Khan. A  source  in the know feels Priyanka was not entirely  unaware  of Quantico’s fate.  “She had seen it coming. This is why she was eager to sign a new Hindi film after a gap of nearly three years.”

But can Priyanka reclaim her Indian market? Her  last Hindi release Prakash Jha’s Jai Gangaajal was a  disaster though she was greatly appreacited in Bajirao Mastani where she had tos share credits with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.Would Salman who  has played saviour to many damsels  in distress author Priyanka’s comeback-story in Bollywood?

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