Priyanka Chopra’s First Boyfriend When She Entered Bollywood… And Other Unknown Facts
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Priyanka Chopra’s First Boyfriend When She Entered Bollywood… And Other Unknown Facts

As Priyanka Chopra celebrates her birthday, we bring some not-so-well-known facts about the desi girl

1.      Did you know that Priyanka Chopra is a ferocious foodie? She loves Indian  delicacies, the more calorie-filled, the better. Her favourite used to be aloo ka paratha with ghee  swimming on top. We’ve shared this meal together  and I’ve seen her  tucking in with  open-mouthed  stupefaction.

2.      Priyanka was the first choice for Aishwarya  Rai Bachchan’s role in J P Dutta’s Umrao Jaan. Then then-new Ms Chopra didn’t know what  hit her when Dutta, in an overnight betrayal, replaced Priyanka with Ms Rai. Even Priyanka’s costumes were ready. Dutta wouldn’t take Priyanka or her  father’s calls for an explanation.  She cried  bitterly. But  never complained. Priyanka is a fighter, not a whiner. Some  said it was sweet justice since Priyanka had similarly replaced Aishwarya in  Rohan Sippy’s Bluff Master.

3.      Her first big hit was Sunil Darshan’s Andaaz.  The  film introduced two beautiful beauty-pageant winners Priyanka and Lara Dutta. Lara had  the meatier more sympathetic  role and  she was the one pampered  on the sets. Everyone thought Lara among the two, was  the potential  superstar. Priyanka  did all the  hot stuff  with Akshay in  the  film. For one sequence she was ‘dressed’  in a towel and Akshay had to get  into  the  towel with her. Priyanka  told me she cringed and wept but went ahead silently. The bindaas sassy image is  just that, an  image. Priyanka is a really private  person at heart.

4.      Priyanka’s boyfriend when she entered the industry was a certain model-actor Aseem Merchant.  The relationship ended soon enough and  was followed by  Harman Baweja which  was a very  happy relationship while it lasted. For the  record, she  left both, though  not for  another relationship. She was then in a  very serious relationship with Shahid Kapoor, which  came to an end after a fleeting fling with Gerard Butler.  There have  been others. But she has  finally found true love.

5.     The  move  to  the West was  not  entirely a spontaneous decision.  Priyanka  was in some  ways  forced to  move out. Several  A-list heroes Akshay  Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan , Salman Khan to name  the Top 3, were off-limits  for Priyanka. She had  two choices. She  could play the hero in her films, a la Kangana or  move. She chose to move. And what a  move.

As Mrs Nick Jonas, Priyanka radiates a bonhomie and self-assurance that is hard to replicate. Sheis happy. She deserves to be.