Priyanka Chopra Too Hot to Play Mum to a Teenager?

Practical problems plague Priyanka Chopra's new film
Priyanka Chopra Too Hot to Play Mum to a Teenager?
Priyanka Chopra

In  Shonali Bose’s new film where Priyanka Chopra has been cast as  Zaira Wasim’s mother, there  is  a practical compatibility  problem: Priyanka doesn’t  look  old enough to be  Zaira Wasim’s mother.

At  the same time,  Priyanka has no issues  playing mother  to  a grownup  daughter as the film deals with  a subject  she strongly believes in. Says a  source close  to the project, “Not for a minute did  Priyanka hesitate in saying yes to Shonali’s  film. The  subject grabbed her attention immediately. Nor did she have a problem  with  playing Zaira Wasim’s mother. The  problem is, she looks way too hot and  sexy to be an 18-year old’s mother.”

We  now hear that the  film may resort to  prosthetics and makeup to make Priyanka look  convincing in the role of a  mother. “She  has  played a mother  to a girl nine years  ago in Yash raj Film’s  Pyaar Impossible. So why would she have problems playing another teenage girl’s  other now? The  problem is a practical one. How to make  this sensuous  stunner look  like  a mother to a 18-year old?” says the source.

Significantly, Meher Vij who is just14 years older than  Zaira  played her  mother in Secret  Superstar. It’s  interesting that  our leading ladies  no longer have a problem with playing a mother on screen.  A decade ago Aparna Sen had  to  shelve her Hindi  film because  no major heroine was willing to play mother to a 12-year-old. Bipasha Basu  had almost been finalized when she chickened  out at the last minute.