Priyanka Chopra Says 'Sorry' for The Insensitive Scene in Quantico

Priyanka Chopra Says 'Sorry' for The Insensitive Scene in Quantico

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Priyanka Chopra Says 'Sorry' for The Insensitive Scene in Quantico

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Most of you must be aware of Priyanka Chopra’s on-going controversy, all thanks to her tv series Quantico. It all started when the actress received back lash after her tv show, showed a Hindu terrorist posing as a Pakistani and planning to blow up the Grand Central Terminal. More so, the terrorist was shows wearing a Rudraksh maala, which was shown as a tell-tale sign of being a Hindu.

This obviously didn’t go down too well with many viewers. Created by Joshua Safran, Quantico stars Priyanka as Alex Parrish — an FBI recruit who joins the agency after graduating from the FBI Academy and becomes a prime suspect of a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal. Season three saw Alex going back to navigating the dangerous waters of the CIA that she left behind when she retired to Italy. In the episode "The Blood of Romeo," which aired on 1 June, weaponised uranium-235 is stolen from a university lab by a physics professor and is used to bomb a summit between India and Pakistan that is convening in New York. Indian Twitterati were upset at the insinuation of Indian ever being a terrorist and how Priyanka went along with such a "nonsensical" and "highly unrealistic" plotline.

Here's the exact scene why Indians are outraging on Twitter and saying that their religious sentiments are hurt. This has been posted by a Twitter user. The post read, “#ShameonyouPriyankaChopra for defaming and portraying Hindus as terrorists in your show Quantico. shocked to see you not only part of such a show but actually enacting and shamelessly showing ‘Rudraksh’ as a symbol of terrorism in the clip below. I support #BoycottSamsung"

Following the uproar on social media, US television studio ABC has issued an apology which said, "The episode has stirred a lot of emotion, much of which is unfairly aimed at Priyanka Chopra, who didn't create the show, nor does she write or direct it: ABC Network's apology for Hindu terror plot in Quantico," read ANI's tweet.

Priyanka Chopra also went on to issue an unconditional apology for unknowingly hurting sentiments.

Quantico is going off from the ABC Network after a low TRP rating from the audience.