Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Was Thrown Out Of Films
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Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Was Thrown Out Of Films

Priyanka Chopra shared that during her early days she was replaced in films and only found out later through the news

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is one of the most talked about celebrities of the industry right now. The actress has had a fruitful career in Bollywood and later also ventured into Hollywood, wherein she starred as Alex Parrish in ABC's hit show, Quantico. Later, she also starred in Baywatch opposite Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. She was also seen next to Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Chris Hemsworth in Netflix's Isn't It Romantic. The actress got married to American singer Nick Jonas late last year and is now gearing up for the release of her next film, The Sky is Pink, which marks her return to Bollywood after 3 years. But things were not always easy for the actress.

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Priyanka revealed that she was thrown out of films which hit her very hard. She said, "I have been replaced in films and it has happened twice. Once, a co-actor told me, and the other time, I read it in the newspaper. I went and cried to my father, 'Why me?' But then he told me, 'What are you going to do about it?' I just made sure to be excellent in my next film and learn the job well. Even if the film doesn’t do well, I want to make sure that what I do is excellent.

The actress continued that she didn't want to be a victim of the circumstances. But it takes a lot of courage to deal with the bad days. Priyanka shared, "You take a couple of days to feel what you are feeling. I am strong because my parents raised me to be a strong woman but that doesn’t mean that I am not vulnerable, that doesn’t mean I don’t have dark days when I feel apologetic, stressed, sad, insecure, pressured. I chose not to do it publically. I have a support system that I have around me. You become the people around you.”

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