Priyanka Chopra, Parineeti Chopra Turn New-Age Role Models in Frozen 2
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Priyanka Chopra, Parineeti Chopra Turn New-Age Role Models in Frozen 2

Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra will be playing the roles of Elsa and Anna respectively in Frozen 2 Hindi version.

Priyanka Chopra who started her career as the Miss World is today a global icon. Her journey met through many hardships and struggles but she was determined to find her way through. Not only did she become one of the biggest names in Bollywood but also went on to become a global icon who is considered an inspiration for many young girls. Priyanka Chopra who had also lent her voice for the Jungle Book is now all set to show to the world ‘Frozen 2’ where she will be voicing for Elsa. The film is releasing in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on November 22nd, 2019.

Priyanka Chopra took to Instagram to post a short video where she can be seen sharing some inspirational thoughts about the world today. She shared this video with the caption, "An inspiring, heart-warming story of changing the world and creating your own destiny...join our sisterhood with Elsa & Anna #Frozen2 in cinemas November 22

@disneyfilmsindia #FrozenSisters #GirlsForGirls".

Dressed in a starry blue and beige gown, the video begins with a shot of her tattoo that says ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ and then shows  a picture of her being crowned as the Miss World. Priyanka Chopra, with Frozen 2’s background music and her soft yet strong voice, said:

"We don’t need a King to become a Queen.
We pave our own path, in our unique ways.
We don’t ask anyone to bring us stars anymore
Because today they come finding us anyways
We no longer want to be a part of someone’s story
Our stories are written by us
The world is changing. And so are the stories.
Here’s presenting the new age story of Frozen 2
So meet the role models of this new generation- Elsa and Anna"

Not to forget that Priyanka Chopra is not the only one from the family in this film. Her cousin Parineeti Chopra will be plating her sister Anna. It is the first time that the two actresses have come together for a project.

Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra are related to each other through their fathers and are first cousins. Priyanka Chopra, called Mimi at home, was one of the biggest inspirations for Parineeti Chopra to become an actress. According to Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra, Priyanka paved the way for other girls in the family to join Bollywood because she had to face resistance of the family when she decided to join films. The cousins share a close bond and often hang out together. Be it Priyanka Chopra’s birthday or wedding, Parineeti Chopra has always been there for her Mimi Didi.

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