'Priyanka Chopra is a Family-Oriented Girl and Prakash Jaju's Tweets are Untrue': Aseem Merchant
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'Priyanka Chopra is a Family-Oriented Girl and Prakash Jaju's Tweets are Untrue': Aseem Merchant

The Bollywood actress's alleged ex-boyfriend comes out in her support and distances himself from her ex-manager

Priyanka Chopra's manager Prakash Jaju didn't take it kindly when he had to spend 67 days in an Indian prison for allegedly threatening Priyanka Chopra. Jaju was spitting venom against Pee Cee and her mom on his social media accounts, but fortunately, Priyanka hasn't retaliated to any of this. 
Jaju is bitter about the Chopras for putting a stop to his movie titled 67 days, about his time in jail, which he was supposed to produce with the actress's alleged ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant. 
However, as reported in a pinkvilla.com article, Aseem Merchant took to his social media handle to clear his stance on the issue and make it clear that he is not working with Mr Jaju anymore. He wrote, "The tweets of Mr Prakash Jaju are untrue, very disturbing and in bad taste. I would like to clarify here that neither am I in touch with him not any part of this negative activity. I was approached to produce the film 67 days - his biopic, and thought it would make an interesting film about a celeb manager and his journey.  But I distanced myself from this episode after seeing it blown into another direction. I have shelved the idea permanently of making that film as I would never want to hurt or upset Priyanka. She is one of the nicest, most hardworking and family-oriented girl I have ever known. I always wish her the very best!"
Looks like Jaju will be fighting a rather lonely battle, now that Pee Cee is one of the top actresses in the industry!
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