Priyanka Chopra Flies to Goa with Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Flies to Goa with Nick Jonas

Is Priyanka Chopra's relationship with Nick Jonas getting more serious?
Priyanka Chopra Flies to Goa with Nick Jonas

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If  a very close  friend  of Priyanka  Chopra is to be believed, Priyanka and her  current boyfriend  American musician-actor Nick Jonas who  have flown to Goa  for a vacation, are ready for serious professional collaborations. “They are very, very compatible and close. Nick finds Priyanka very exciting as an artiste as well as  a human being. They are  definitely looking at working together,  probably on  a musical project for starters,” says the  source. 

Priyanka and Nick spotted at the private flight terminal

PeeCee and Nick take off to Goa 

Parineeti Chopra joins Priyanka and Nick on their vacay to Goa 

Priyanka and Nick Jonas are  at the moment in Goa . According to sources, they  intend  to visit  Agra  and  Delhi for quick visits  before Nick Jonas flies out of India.

Just how successful  the long-distance relationship would turn  out to be, only time will tell. Cleverly, Priyanka and  Jonas have decided to combine the  business of  pleasure with the  pleasure  of business thereby ensuring a constant travel and access to one another.
There has been a lot of buzz about Nick Jonas’ visit to India and his meeting with Priyanka’s mother who said that she didn’t get to know Nick well. This follows Priyanka’s invitation to meet Nick’s family at a wedding in the US a few weeks ago. These are being seen as signs that the duo are definitely in a serious relationship. Or at least exploring the possibility of one!