Princess Margaret, the Lesser Known Princess
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Princess Margaret, the Lesser Known Princess

Princess Margaret has not been in the news much but here’s what you need to know about her

While a lot has been written about many members of the royal family there is one member we did not get to hear much about. It is Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth and the younger daughter of King George. What sets Princess Margaret apart from the rest of the members of the royal family is her larger than the life style of living. She lived every day of her life as the last one and embodied our image of a fairy-tale life (of course, we expect nothing less from a princess.) She died early at the age of 70 after living her life to the fullest.

She was famous for her parties. It is said that her parties had waiters stationed at every 5o feet holding Grouse scotch for the guests. For a moment, the guests also thought they were a part of the royalty. However, Princess Margaret knew how to show people who the real princess was. Humility was not her favourite trait. Although she did not abide by the palace rules, Princess Margaret would never tolerate anyone else breaking the royal protocol. Strangers called her Ma’am while friends had the liberty to call her Ma’am darling.

According to Hamish Bowles, "The princess’s party trick seems to have been to lull people into a false sense of security and camaraderie, and then demolish them with regal, rank-pulling put-downs that are masterpieces of the art."

Once Princess Margaret set next to the famous supermodel Twiggy in a party and ignored her for two hours. Finally, she turned her to ask who she was. When Twiggy told her that her real name was Lesley Hornby but she was known as Twiggy, Princess Margaret coldly said, 'How unfortunate!’

Today’s royals can never imagine the lifestyle that Princess Margaret enjoyed in the 1960s. She partied hard and did everything that she pleased. Her famous honeymoon cost $115,000 in 1960. Sadly the marriage broke down after a year only which made her the first person in the House of Windsor to get divorced. Her long holiday with a man 17 years junior in Caribbean Islands was also a major reason for upsetting the public when she did not focus much on her royal rule. Today’s royals even have to be on duty when they are heavily pregnant and maintain a smile when they are not in the best spirits. Princess Margaret found joy in disobedience. Though she was not really in the good books of the British aristocracy, Princess Margaret is still one of the most interesting figures in British royal history.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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