Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Is All Set To Break The Royal Norms

Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Is All Set To Break The Royal Norms

Princess Beatrice is the elder daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. She is ninth in line to the throne and not a full time working royal.

Princess Beatrice, the elder daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, got engaged to the real estate tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in Italy but the royal announcement came a week later. In a statement released by her parents the Duke and Duchess of York through the Buckingham Palace, their wedding will take place in 2020 but no date has been released yet. Mother Sarah Ferguson was particularly happy for her daughter as Edoardo’s brother is her godson. He is related to the British and Italian aristocracy as well hence the new addition to the royal family is not new to them.

Princess Beatrice’s engagement to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is the first of its kind for the royals

Still, Princess Beatrice’s marriage is all set to break many royal norms and rules. She is getting married to a man who already had a son but not from a marriage. Edoardo was engaged to the stylish architect  Dara Huang and together they have a son lovingly called Wolfie. Although Edoardo and Dara have split, they co-parent their son. This might not be an issue in the modern world of today but according to the formal royal traditions, members of the royal family did not marry people who had already been married or had children out of wedlock.

However, thanks to Prince Louis whose birth pushed down the succession line and she was not liable to get the Queen’s permission for getting married. Besides, the royal family has evolved and changed in a positive way with time. One such example is the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the bride being both biracial and a divorcee.

However, this is not the only groundbreaking thing about Princess Beatrice’s marriage.

Princess Beatrice’s wedding might not be the traditional royal wedding

Being the second granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice has always bene in the public eye. Her parents’ broken marriage has also made the sisters Beatrice and Eugenie a part of the media glare. Hence, it is likely for the press and puthe blic to be greatly interested in her wedding. Royal weddings have always been a source of great fascination for the people. The old world charm and the fairytale vibe have always gathered public interest in a bride dressed in the long wedding trail and the diamond tiara. However, this time the royal fans might not get this opportunity.

Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Is All Set To Break The Royal Norms

There might not be the usual carriage procession

Her wedding will be the fourth royal wedding in three years. Princess Beatrice wanted to do it differently. Although she will not be able to have a wedding in Italy as the Queen does not travel abroad, but the Princess of york might have the opportunity to have a relatively low key event that does not involve a carriage procession. She wants to have a relatively simple reception in a garden with friends and family. This also means that Princess Beatrice will not have to go through the pressure of the wedding being internationally broadcasted.

The wedding will be privately funded

According to the Buckingham Palace, her wedding will be privately funded and not paid from the taxpayers’ money which has come as a pleasant surprise for the royal fans. The British royal family has been criticized in the past for spending a great deal of money on weddings. However, money does not only go to fund the tiara and exquisite flowers. The major portion of this funding goes for the security arrangements of the high profile guests present at the wedding.
Princess Beatrice is not a full time working royal

Princess Beatrice is not a full time working royal.

She is the Vice President for Partnership and Strategy of a US-based tech firm. Her childhood was not smooth because not only did her parents go through a  divorce but she also suffered dyslexia. Beating the odds, Princess Beatrice acquired a degree in History and History of Ideas from Goldsmith College, London. She was also involved in the research aspect of her mother’s film ‘The Young Victoria.’

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