Prince William Was Rejected by the Girl He Had a Crush On

Prince William Was Rejected by the Girl He Had a Crush On

Prince William, the future King of England, apparently had it all since the day he was born. However, he was turned down by the first girl he laid his eyes on in St Andrews. She was Texan Heiress Meghann Gunderman
Prince William Was Rejected by the Girl He Had a Crush On
Prince William

From his childhood to growing up years, Prince William the future King of England seemed to have it all. From being the heir to one of the strongest thrones in the world to the love of the public, Prince William’s life seemed beyond perfect for people viewing it from a distance. The young prince was very much the definition of the princes one gets to imagine from the fairytales. He had the good looks and kindness of his mother. In his university days, Prince William was considered the most eligible bachelor of the world. He studied in St. Andrews University.

Girls would give up on anything to be with him. Many girls took admission in St. Andrew’s just to be around William. It is no surprise that many girls even changed their degree program to be with Prince William. Kate Middleton, who later became William’s wife, was also one of those girls. However, dating is never smooth for any young person. The apparently perfect Prince William also had his share of rejections in life. He had his eyes set on a Texan Heiress named Meghann Gunderman. William asked her out and to his surprise Meghann turned him down. This was unlikely for William and it made him want her even more.

Rejection was hard for young William to comprehend as he was not used to it. Meghann was completely uninterested but William kept asking her why she did not want to go out with him. The two took separate paths in life. Meghann became the founder and executive director of ‘ The Foundation For Tomorrow.’ She got married to the love of her life and former NFL player Jason Sehorn in 2017. William fell in love with his class-fellow Kate Middleton whom he ended up marrying in 2011. Together they have three children namely Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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