Prince William Reveals that Princess Charlotte Loves Unicorns

Prince William Reveals that Princess Charlotte Loves Unicorns

Princess Charlotte is the fourth in line to the British throne. It was after her birth that the traditional law of succession reserved only for the male heir was changed

Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is generally a well-behaved child who according to her father is a delight to be around. But at heart, Princess Charlotte is just another four-year-old girl who loves doing everything children her age do. People can still not forget her sticking the tongue out for the media a few days ago. Prince William and Kate Middleton make sure that their children maintain  privacy but they are also aware of the role of these children in public’s life. Hence off and one, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge keep revealing little details or post pictures of their children.

The Unicorn Horn made by the firefighters’ children reminded Prince William of his daughter

Prince William paid a visit to the Fire Fighters Charity’s Harcombe House to mark the 999 Day, a day dedicated to the emergency services staff. He came across a unicorn horn made during the art therapy session for the firefighters’ children. It instantly reminded Prince William of his four-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, and he could not help commenting, ‘My daughter loves unicorns. Loves them. Very cool.’ Princess Charlotte’s love for the unicorns was further confirmed by a close up of the bag carried by mummy Kate Middleton on her first day to Thomas Battersea’s. It has a sequined unicorn keychain.

Prince William shares a close bond with daughter Princess Charlotte

Prince William is a loving father who shares a close bond with his daughter Princess Charlotte. He lovingly calls her Mignonette and was there to see her off on her first day of Thomas Battersea’s in London along with little charlotte’s mother Kate Middleton and her brother Prince George who already studies in the same school. While Prince George appeared to be his usual cheeky self, Princess Charlotte seemed somewhat shy clutching her mother’s hand towards the side. They were greeted by the school Head teacher Helen Haslem on the side entrance from where the royals entered the school.The other children entered from the front with their parents.

Princess Charlotte has some interesting nicknames

In the school, Princess Charlotte has been enrolled as Charlotte Cambridge as the royals do not usually have a surname. In her previous school, Charlotte was nicknamed as the warrior princess because of her tomboy nature. While one usually comes across the little princess in beautiful frocks and ponytails, according to a lesser known fact she loves climbing the trees and is quite an adventurer. In her home, she is lovingly called Mignonette by her father and Lottie by rest of the family.

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