Prince William and Kate Middleton Visit Pakistan: #RoyalVisitPakistan is Trending on Twitter

Prince William and Kate Middleton Visit Pakistan: #RoyalVisitPakistan is Trending on Twitter

Even before Prince William and Kate Middleton landed in Pakistan, #RoyalVisitPakistan started trending on Twitter. Here is a roundup of the trend.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal trip to Pakistan started at 9:30 PM Pakistani Standard Time on October 14th, 2019 and will end on October 18th, 2019. Even before they landed, the #RoyalVisitPakistan started trending on Pakistani Twitter. Not only the people of Pakistan, but people all over the world could not help praising the royal couple extending them warm wishes for their first tour to Pakistan. Also, this is the first tour by the members of  British royal family since 2006 when Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla visited the country. The royal trip has also brought back many memories of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana in Pakistan.

As soon as the couple landed in Pakistan, statements were issued by the Buckingham Palace and Kensington palace. While Buckingham palace’s post showed the royal couple and Queen Elizabeth II on her previous visits to Pakistan, Kensington palace issued a rather strong and powerful image where Prince William and Kate Middleton could be seen from the back as they stood in the aircraft showing the people waiting to welcome them at the airport.

The Twitter users are all about the hashtag #RoyalVisitPakistan sharing pictures of the royal couple from the trip and from the past.

The picture released by the Kensington palace gives the movie poster vibes.

George Fulton welcomed the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge drawing similarities with princess Diana's trip to Pakistan in the past.

The people of Pakistan are more than happy te receive the royal couple.

Princess Diana still lives in the people of Pakistan’s hearts.

Kate Middleton was applauded for her choice of dress.

Their tour will help repair the terrorist image of Pakistan in the world.

Pakistani Twitter is filled with the royal couple’s pictures.

A Pakistani artist made a portrait of the royal couple in pencil sketching.

However, some people could not care much because of the ongoing problems in Pakistan. Also, being a  former British colony some resentments might never leave.

Kate Middleton wore a blue shaded dress by the famous British design Catherine Walker. The dress was inspired by the Pakistani national dress shalwar kameez. The layered detail on the top reminded the people of dupatta. In respect of the Muslim traditions, Kate Middleton kept her look modest and pleasant. She also wore earrings by a Pakistani designer on her visit to Aga Khan Centre in London which sold overnight. This dress is also all set to create fashion trends in the country.

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