Prince William and Kate Middleton in Pakistan: The Royal Couple Smiles at Each Other While Wearing the Kalasha Headgears

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Pakistan: The Royal Couple Smiles at Each Other While Wearing the Kalasha Headgears

Prince William and Kate Middleton are visiting Chitral on the third day of their visit to Pakistan. They wore the traditional headgears

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third day in Pakistan started with them landing in Chitral. The traveled by Pakistan army aviators on Italian Leonordo’s VIP transport Augusta Westland AW139 helicopter. Traveling through the helicopter gave them the opportunity to see the majestic Hindukush mountain range. As soon as they landed the couple was presented with traditional coats and the Chitrali scout cap. The royal couple looked somewhat relaxed and casual as compared to their former much formal appearances in Islamabad on the second day of the royal visit. Kate Middleton was dressed in a dark brown shirt with a lighter long skirt. Her long boots and the jacket made the Duchess all set to explore the land of Chitral.

In a recent picture, the royal couple can be seen smiling at each other as the wear the traditional Kalasha headgears. As Kate Middleton looks lovingly at her husband’s face, Prince William can be seen looking at the red feather on Kate Middleton’s headgear. This picture was taken during the couple’s visit to Kalash valley. The basic agenda of the visit to Chitral is to see the effect of climate change on the glaciers in the Hindukush mountain range,   the impact of flash flooding on Chitral, and visit the Kalash village. 

They also enjoyed the traditional Kalash dance performed by the locals with many people in attendance.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have received the warmth and love of Pakistani people not only because they are members of the royal family but also because the people of Pakistan still have a great love for Prince William’s mother Princess Diana. The late Princess visited Pakistan thrice in 1991, 1996, and 1997 and had great regard for the people of Pakistan. She had a great friendship with Jemima Goldsmith and her then-husband Imran Khan. The Cambridges met Imran Khan during the visit which must have brought great memories for all. Prince William and Kate Middleton were also presented an album of the photos from Princess Diana’s visit to Kalash in 1991.

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