Kate Middleton and Prince William in Pakistan: Mansha Pasha Calls Out the ‘Double Standards’ of Pakistani Society for Women

Kate Middleton and Prince William in Pakistan: Mansha Pasha Calls Out the ‘Double Standards’ of Pakistani Society for Women

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal tour is the talk of the town. Mansha Pasha called out the double standards of Pakistani society on Twitter regarding the royal visit.

It has been only one day but Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to Pakistan is already the highlight of the media all over the world. It is the first royal visit since 2006 when Prince William’s father Prince Charles visited with his wife Camilla. Pakistanis also have fond memories of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana keeping Pakistan close to her heart. This time it is Kate Middleton who has won’s everyone’s hearts with her humility and respect for the Pakistani culture and tradition. The future Queen Consort of England could be seen wearing either Pakistani shalwar Kameez or long covered dresses in respect of Pakistani culture and traditions.

Actress Mansha Pasha, who is always known to be vocal about her ideas, called out her fellow countrymen for their hypocrisy. According to Mansha Pasha, as much as she loved Kate Middleton’s fashion choices she was sick of the debate that Pakistani actresses should learn to dress up from her. She said that the people did not understand that kate Middleton was a royal who had to follow the royal protocol.

As many tweets came in response of Mansha Pasha’s, the actess took the time to address many of those personally. She said that adopting another culture did not mean abandoning your own.

According to Mansha Pasha, men in Pakistan wore the western dresses all time but never accused of promoting another culture. She questioned the society for the day when women would not have to carry the burden of culture, religion, honour, and representation of the society.

She quoted a Twitter user pointing out the make actors who posted shirtless selfies but were never criticized.

According to Mansha Pasha, the moral policing of the society remained confined to women only.

Mansha Pasha is a famous Pakistani actress known for her unusual choice of roles. Unlike most of the actors, she refused to conform herself to the stereotypes defined for women in Pakistani television and drama. She has done many critically acclaimed projects like Shehr-e- Zaat, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Mera Naam Yousaf Hai. She made her debut in films with ‘Chalay Thay Saath’ in a supporting role. She worked as the main lead in a critically acclaimed film ‘Laal Kabootar’ which also happens to be Pakistan’s entry for the Oscars.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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