Prince Harry Ends The Official Tour To South Africa With An Emotional Speech

Prince Harry Ends The Official Tour To South Africa With An Emotional Speech

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally reached the end of their successful tour to South Africa. This was also Baby Archie’s first official tour with his parents.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official tour to South Africa has finally come to an end. This tour has been special for many reasons. It was their first tour as a family which included their newborn son Archie as well. This tour was an emotional ride for Prince Harry as he got to walk down the same minefield where his mother Princess Diana had been in 1997 just a few months before her unexpected death. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, went to the causes and charities close to her heart. One of her most special engagements included inspirational women determined to create a difference in the lives of women in Africa.

On the final day of their tour, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Tembisa and met young and creative entrepreneurs at a hub that creates opportunities for young people and empower them in establishing their own ventures.

Prince Harry also delivered a heartfelt speech at the occasion. He rounded up the entire tour as a sweet memory which inspired both him and Meghan Markle.

According to Prince Harry,

‘It’s moments like today and meeting all of you, that inspires us. Whether supporting young entrepreneurs, empowering women and girls, or challenging the issue of gender-based violence; whether it’s been planting trees, clearing landmines, or protecting the most beautiful creatures and places on the planet, these experiences have affirmed our love of Africa, and the issues that are so important to us.’

Prince harry assured the people present at the venue that he and wife Meghan Markle will continue challenging injustice and speaking out for people irrespective of which background, nationality, color, gender, or sexuality they came from. He pledged to stand up and devote his life to creating opportunities for the people who deserved it all his life.

This trip has been a rejuvenating trip for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in terms of rebuilding their image among the people. They have been received with love and warmth by the people of Africa. The royal fans on social media have also been expressing their fondness for the couple every now and then. In the other news, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have filed a lawsuit against a British tabloid for publishing her private letter.


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