Prince Edward and Sophie's Twenty Years of Marital Bliss

Prince Edward and Sophie's Twenty Years of Marital Bliss

Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary
Prince Edward and Sophie's Twenty Years of Marital Bliss
Prince Edward and Sophie

Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie are celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary. This is a memorable event as Prince Edward is the only among the Queen’s children who did not get divorced. His wife Sophie the Countess of Sussex is also considered the favorite daughter-in-law of the Queen. They got married in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in 1999. Since the tragic death of Diana, this wedding brought a ray of happiness among the common people and family. The new bride Sophie Rhys-Jones instantly caught people’s attention due to her striking resemblance with the late Princess Diana. She worked in public relations till 2002 and is now a full time working royal. Together they have two children.

The official Instagram account of the British Royal family posted some endearing images of the Earl and Countess of Wessex on their twentieth wedding anniversary. ‘Wishing the Earl and Countess of Wessex a Very Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary! #OTD 20 years ago, The Earl and Countess were married at St. George's Chapel in Windsor.’

As compared to the weddings of his elder siblings, Prince Edward’s wedding was a relatively relaxed and intimate affair. He walked with his brothers, Charles and Andrew, to the Chapel while the bride arrived slightly late in a Rolls Royce with her father Christopher Rhys-Jones. Before their marriage, Prince Edward said, ‘We manage to have a good laugh about things most of the time, and we happen to love each other, which is the most important thing of all.” Sophie had won the heart of Queen even before the couple got married. While the elder siblings were not given this privilege, Sophie was allowed to use royal apartments in the Buckingham Palace.

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