All You Wanted to Know About Bollywood Parks Dubai

All You Wanted to Know About Bollywood Parks Dubai

Here's a quick preview

Dubai Parks and Resorts recently released a spectacular video where they offered a teaser of all the Bollywood themed attractions being developed.

Thomas Jellum, General Manager, Bollywood Parks Dubai, has said, “This is the first ever and most unique Bollywood theme park in the world.”

On entering the park, visitors will be greeted to the Bollywood Boulevard, which will feature street performers and will be home to one of the biggest shops in the resorts. Close by is Rock On, inspired by the hit Farhan Akhtar film, which is a large entertainment venue that will put on performances including live music, dancing and DJs.

The rides include Don, based on the Shah Rukh Khan film, where visitors are involved in a car chase on the streets of Dubai and, the Sholay ride, which is sure to be a hit with the families. Further, in Bollywood Film Studios you can even make your own Bollywood movie and star in the film yourself.

While the massive Rajmahal Theatre will have 850 seats and rising floors will bring actors and dancers out. It will put on four daytime shows as well as a nighttime spectacle. We can't wait to explore the park!


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