Prateik Babbar: The Wild Child Who Found Himself Amidst the Chaos
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Prateik Babbar: The Wild Child Who Found Himself Amidst the Chaos

Prateik Babbar, the only son of Smita Patil and Raj Babbar, had a troubled childhood which led him to substance abuse. How he managed to walk out of the darkness is an inspiration for many

Prateik Babbar, the son of the legends Smita Patil and Raj Babbar, has acting in his blood. He caught the attention of everyone with his debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. This success came up with many more films like Dhobi Ghaat, Dum Maro Dum, Aarakshan, Baghi 2 and now Chhichhore. They say it is much easier for star kids to make their way to the top in Bollywood. But Prateik Babbar did not have an easy life. He went through a series of personal troubles and turmoil that took a toll on him.

His childhood was a hard battle

Prateik lost his mother Smita Patil when he was born. He was raised by his orthodox maternal grandparents in Mumbai and shared a troubled relationship with his father Raj Babbar. He called himself the wild child. As a child, he felt lonely and neglected.

Prateik Babbar shared a troubled relationship with his father Raj Babbar

He considered his father was more busy with his other family and had no time for him. He even dropped his father’s surname Babbar from his name once. According to Prateik, he was so clouded by the stories he had heard about his father that he did not want to be called his son.

He seeked a female partner but it only led to heartbreak

His relationship with people was generally not easy. He fell in love with the actress and Amy Jackson but they soon broke up. According to Prateik, he always seeked a female partner in his life because he had lost his mother when he had just come to the world. He thought he could not do away without it. Heartbreak did not come easy to Prateik. According to him, women with conditions came and left.

Drugs were Prateik Babbar’s escape from the real world

Due to his troubled childhood and early success, Prateik Babbar lost himself to drug and substance abuse. According to Prateik Babbar, his first drug was a disturbed childhood. At the age of 13, Prateik had his first drug exposure and since then it was only a downward hill. He had  trouble with social obligations and the drugs provided him that escape. Unlike most of the people taking drugs at night, Prateik Babbar did it in the morning; just to go through the day. While many people get fed up with the drugs, Prateik got addicted.

One major overdose made Prateik realize where he was going wrong

The substance abuse badly affected Prateik Babbar’s health and career. While drugs would provide him a temporary escape, it was a much difficult life that awaited him. The hangovers were almost destroying Prateik and he did not know what to do with it. It was one overdosage instance when Prateik could not get up for twenty-four hours. When he got to senses, he realized the destruction he had inflicted upon himself. He decided to turn his life and get treatment for his addiction. The rehabilitation helped Prateik Babbar become free of drugs and pursue his acting career with great zeal. In 2016, he was declared drug free.

Prateik Babbar is now a changed man who loves life, relationship, and his work

Life changed altogether. Prateik Babbar got married in February 2019 in a fun wedding ceremony. Prateik Babbar’s relation with his father is much different now and he shares an amicable bond with his half-siblings, stepmother and his father Raj Babbar. He values his life, work and relationships more than ever. Prateik loves to workout in the gym and places his health first. His work is now his passion and he has three upcoming releases along with the recent film Chhichhore where his work has been appreciated like always.

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