Prateik Babbar Speaks About His Struggle With Substance Abuse

Prateik Babbar Speaks About His Struggle With Substance Abuse

The actor describes his ordeal with addiction!
Prateik Babbar Speaks About His Struggle With Substance Abuse

Prateik Babbar

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Remember Prateik Babbar? Do the films My Friend Pinto and Issaq ring a bell? Raj Babbar and Smita Patil's son, Prateik acted in a few films, but was more famously known for his relationship with Amy Jackson, following a bitter break-up.

In a recent with Mid-Day, the actor opened up about his struggle in life, most of it was related to battling a substance addiction. For the first time ever, the actor spoke about his addiction and his struggle with love that lead to his eventual downfall. Prateik described his childhood as being a disturbed one, due to which he looked for an escape, which he found indulging in narcotics, at the age of 13. Describing his first encounter with narcotics, he said, “narcotics came disguised as a glitzy escape. As years went by, I got acquainted with the narcotic underbelly.”

Unlike many recreational users, Prateik admitted to needing the substance to get him through the day. He said, “I wasn't consuming it at night, like party-goers do as a superficial part of their lifestyle. I was using it in the morning to get myself through the day. I needed it to exist.” The actor went on to speak of how he got sucked into addiction saying, “I wasn’t naïve to the effects of substance dependence, but I certainly wasn't prepared for what followed -- withdrawal symptoms that were worse than any hangover. Getting out of bed was almost impossible; nausea greeted me each morning, my body ached and I oscillated between hot and cold every few minutes. At that point, I didn't even have a drug of choice, I took whatever I could lay my hands on.”

In his open letter, Prateik describes his turning point when he couldn’t recognise himself anymore. “An overdose made me sit up and take note of the monster I had become. I'm not religious, but at that moment, I encountered my first experience of spirituality. A heady cocktail rendered me unconscious with my face down on the bedroom floor. I was surrounded in vomit and regained consciousness only 24 hours later. It's a miracle I survived,” he said.

After hitting rock bottom, Prateik finally decided to bounce back, and went to rehab, following which he has been clean since a year now. As an advise to other addicts, he said, “I can't promise that it will be easy, but I can assure you that it will be simpler than following a life that will eventually destroy you, and everything you love.”

Moving ahead on the right path, Babbar will next be seen in Bhaagi 2, and we can’t wait to watch him in his new avatar!