Prateik Babbar: 'My Fiancee and I are Getting Married Early Next Year'
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Prateik Babbar: 'My Fiancee and I are Getting Married Early Next Year'

Prateik Babbar is back in the reckoning with 'Baaghi 2' becoming a hit earlier this year and the upcoming 'Mulk'

Prateik Babbar, who made such a fabulous debut in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na almost a decade ago, but then kind of lost his way is finally in a happy and peaceful space. While in the personal space he’s all set to tie the  knot with fiancée Sanya Sagar, on  the  professional front, Prateik’s cocaine-snorting  bad-boy act in the blockbuster Baaghi 2 has got him back into the reckoning,  although as  he  ays  a majority of his role was cut.

Prateik now  has Anubhav Sinha’s hard-hitting political drama Mulk where he plays a terror-accused. “It’s the role of  boy who’s gone astray. When I  heard it, I immediately wanted to do it. There’s so much pain and hurt and persecution embodied in the part. Muslims are looked on in a particular way with suspicion and  distrust for no fault of theirs. It is  a very frightening situation. Anubhav Sir has captured  the turmoil  of  the community, and I  was  more than happy to be  part of the  film,” says  Prateik happily.

Luckily he  swam through the audition. “I was in. And I was totally immersed  in my character. When  the role came to me I  was only given my part and my lines. I didn’t know the  rest  of  the  script and  characters.So I focused on getting my part right before I  had a chance to  get familiar with the rest of the  characters and the  plot.”

Prateik says  this is   the phase he had been waiting for. “I find it hard to believe that I’ve been working  for ten years. I feel I’m starting out only now.” He is honest enough to admit he went through a period of great emotional trauma. “I lost  both my  grandparents. My grandmother was  the mother I  never had. The  emptiness will  never  go away. But luckily I  have my two aunts now  to look after me. And of course there’s my fiancée.”

Prateik says love has changed his life. “I am more at peace, able to focus on my work and I’ve someone  to go  back to at the  end  of the day. I am  very clear on keeping  my professional  and  personal lives apart. I will never allow the two to clash.Of course she is also part of  the cinema.She is an editor, writer and a filmmaker. But her priorities are very different from mine.We are very different people. And yet we’ve so much in common.”

Completely besotted by love Prateik promises marriage very soon. “We are  definitely getting married  in the first few months of 2019. I know this is  for keeps.”

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