Praise flowing in for Gayatri Patel

Praise flowing in for Gayatri Patel

Most reviews of her debut film 'Let's Dance' have good things to say
Praise flowing in for Gayatri Patel

After a slow start, petite debutante Gayatri Patel's film "Let's Dance" has picked some pace, mostly with good reviews and strong word-of-mouth publicity.

"Let's Dance" has "the understated romance of 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na', the fleeting emotions of 'Slumdog Millionaire and the mood of 'Rock On'," states film reviewer Martin D'Souza in

The film is gathering appreciation with kids and dance fans and has got the newbie Gayatri some rave reviews for her dancing abilities.

"Gayatri (pictured above) is a fine actress and her dancing skills catch your attention," says film critic Taran Adarsh in his review of the film. describes the film as the "first monsoon drizzle after a terrible dry spell of movies."

The Times of India reviewer Nikhat Kazmi says, "The film is actually sweet and sensitive and gently tugs at your heart with the recognisable stories of the dreamers who make up the fabric of Mumbai."

Mumbai Mirror also had some good words for Gayatri. In her film review here, Meena Iyer writes, "The dusky, petite girl, with her curly hair and chocolate complexion, has twinkle toes." She adds, "Gayatri Patel is to dance what Ashwini Nachappa was to running." That's some compliment.

While another reviewer Udita Jhunjhunwala mentions that the actress "makes an assured debut", Piroj Wadia in her review in Free Press Journal says, 'Let's Dance' is "a fresh-looking, commendable first film".

Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express feels the film has some "spirited climactic song-and-dance" and Gaurav Malani of calls Gayatri "a flexibly fabulous dancer and a confident actress".

Janhvi Patel of Hill Road Media finds Gayatri "a joy to watch" while the film review reiterates that she's "an excellent dancer" and "the USP of the movie."

In its review, the IANS news agency says, Gayatri "lights up the screen every time the music plays and one is hooked on to her dancing steps that are quite fresh and extremely engaging. Also, she is not just a dancer because even as an actor she makes a good debut".

With so much praise flowing in, the spirited girl is thrilled to bits. "I am overjoyed to get so much love from the industry and public alike," she says and adds, "I aim to do many more movies and grow with them. Hope the success of 'Let's Dance' helps me further my little dream."