Prabhas Was Paid NO Money for Saaho

Prabhas Was Paid NO Money for Saaho

Saaho may be heading for huge losses and Prabhas may end up facing financial losses too.

Last week producer Vamsi Krishna Reddy and his coterie walked into a multiplex in Hyderabad screening Saaho accusing the management of withholding tickets from patrons. Now after the release, Vamsi who has booked nearly every screen in Hyderabad for Saaho, may regret his misconceived enthusiasm about the film’s box-office performance.

Saaho seems headed towards major disappointments for all concerned, most of all Prabhas who has apparently not been paid a penny. Says a source, “The producers have borrowed heavy amounts of money from the market. And Prabhas has signed as guarantor for almost 50 crore rupees. This means he will have to do some films for free to pay back the money, if Saaho fails to generate substantial revenues. The interest amount on the film is Rs 78 crores. Prabhas will probably not get a rupee. Instead, he will have to be responsible for the money that has been borrowed. UV Productions are looking at selling property to pay back the Saaho investments.”

Right now the financial prospects of Saaho are looking bleak as audiences everywhere have expressed a deep disappointment with the product. Said to be budgeted at Rs 370-80 crores we are hoping a miracle would salvage what looks like one of the biggest disasters of Indian cinema. Saaho, that released last week to universally bad reviews, also co-stars Shraddha Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Jackie Shroff among others

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