Prabhas to Team Up With Saaho Director Sujeeth Again?

Prabhas to Team Up With Saaho Director Sujeeth Again?

Rumours are rife that Prabhas is so impressed with Sujeeth that they are planning another action film together.
Prabhas to Team Up With Saaho Director Sujeeth Again?
Prabhas in Saaho

Prabhas and Saaho are the most talked-about actor and flm of the season, if not the year. Those who have seen portions of this eagerly-awaited film, say the young 28-year-old director Sujeeth will stun audiences with his grip and control over the narration, especially in the action sequences. In fact so impressed is Prabhas with Sujeeth that they are already planning another action-based film together. A source close to the gigantic project says, “What impressed Prabhas was Sujeeth’s self-confidence. Of course, Prabhas gave suggestions during shooting, but Sujeeth often turned down Prabhas’ suggestions and shot the film the way he wanted.”

When Masala! confronted Sujeeth with this loudly whispered rumour in Tollywood about a Prabhas-Sujeeth encore, Sujeeth said, “I don’t know what to say about this (doing another film together). But I do know, I came on board for Saaho only because of Prabhas Sir. He had full faith in me even when others involved in the project did not.

Apparently, the producers had cold feet and second thoughts about Sujeeth’s ability to handle a project of such mammoth proportion. Reasons Sujeeth, “Sir, I am only one film old and the producers who have put in unbelievable amounts of money had every right to be unsure of me. I have to prove I am capable of handling this kind of big budgets. So, for me you can say, Saaho is do-or-die.”

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