Prabhas’ 'Saaho': All You Need to Know from Director Sujeeth
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Prabhas’ 'Saaho': All You Need to Know from Director Sujeeth

'Saaho' director Sujeeth tells us why Prabhas-starrer 'Saaho' will be the worthy successor to Baahubali

At  28,  Telugu director  Sujeeth looks  too young to be able to  direct a mammoth follow-up film to Baahubali. But Saaho  directed by Sujeeth is  nearing completion, and Sujeeth is conscious  of  the  responsibilities of having to bring to the audience superstar Prabhas’  post-Baahubali venture.

Says Sujeet shyly, “I’m considered  too  young for the job. Rajamouli Sir is a legend. People  think I cannot be equipped to direct Prabhas Sir after Baahubali. I don’t want to say anything. I want the  film to be released. Let the audience decide if I’ve  done my job properly. But I must say, this film could be made  only because of  Prabhas Sir’s faith in me. Otherwise no one would have trusted  a one-film old director with such a huge project.”

So what IS Saaho? Sujeeth smiles, “It is an action-romance. As far as  being another Baahubali is concerned I think that’s very unfair pressure on both Prabhas Sir and me. Baahubali happens once in a lifetime. No director plans a success like  Baahubali. To compare Saaho with Baahubali  even before release is  premature and  unreasonable.”

Sujeet says  the action scenes  in Saaho have given the action directors the freedom to  direct  the scenes.  “Saaho is  not  the  first  Indian film to get international action directors. But what we’ve done it to let them direct the action scenes, as they are director themselves. What  often happens in action scenes  in our cinema  is  that we  edit them ourselves, we  insert dramatic  shots into the action and  tamper with their  rhythm. Only the action director knows how an action sequence must be shot. In Uri, the international action directors were on board from the beginning of the project, so they knew the exact  requirements  in  the action scenes. We hope to have achieved the same level of fluidity in our action scenes.”

There are reports  of Saaho’s release being postponed . But Sujeeth shoots down these reports. “As far as we’re concerned we’re aiming  for  August  15 . Even our next poster has August 15 as  our release date. That’s a very  correct weekend to release our film. Audiences are in the  mood to visit the cinema  during the long  Independence Day weekend.”

Sujeeth is unfazed by the competition on  August  15. “I know Akshay Sir(Kumar) and  John Abraham are  releasing their  films  Mission Mangal and Batla House. But I feel there’s always room  for healthy competition. And  if all three films are  good they will all succeed.”

 During  the past  one year  Sujeeth’s life has been consumed  by the making  of  Saaho, so much so that he has  not had enough time for his mother. “In fact recently I hadn’t spoken to her  for a week. When I realized this I flew to Hyderabad   from Chennai where I am currently working on  the post-production, just for one day to meet  my mother.”

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