Police officer in Lahore Garners Outrage on Social Media

Police officer in Lahore Garners Outrage on Social Media

Recently a video of a police officer misbehaving with an old lady in Lahore went viral. The video has generated a debate among the masses who consider this practise should be abolished

Mental health is an issue that is usually considered a problem among Western societies only. It had always been told to us since childhood that Western societies have unrest, anxiety, and depression. We were told that people in our part of the world have peace of mind and hence do not have any problems like depression or anxiety. In fact, if anyone ever complained of such issue the person was shunned down saying that there is no such thing as a mental health issue. If someone wanted to seek medical help for the issue the person was ridiculed and mocked for life.

These days a video of a police officer who is misbehaving and yelling at an elderly lady in Lahore has gone viral. This video was recorded by a young girl who shared it on social media. Coming from the colonial times, the police department has often been accused of torturing the prisoners and at times also killing them in confinement. A few days ago a person died mysteriously in police confinement which generated outrage on social media.  The common people are considered minions who have no say of their own. However, if one looks at the human side it is not possible for normal healthy humans to behave the way police in Pakistan and India behave with the common people.

The frustrated behavior of the police at times creates this impression that they are suffering from severe mental health issues that need to be addressed. These people when they come in power do not know how to handle it and hence end up using their authority. While most of the jobs in the developed countries require a psychometric test, it should also be made a part of the police service. No one should be hired unless the person has passed a given psychological test. Transparent and honest mental health screening systems can help to avoid many issues that emerge in society due to the desi policemen in India and Pakistan.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out