Plastic looks?

Plastic looks?

Not only does poor Harman have to deal with a flop debut but also battle rumours about plastic surgery

Not only does poor Harman Baweja have to deal with the flop that was Love Story 2050, but he now has to battle rumours that his face is not his own but a gift from a plastic surgeon. Rumours abound that Harman and Priyanka approached Dr Vinay Sharma, a plastic surgeon, to mould Harman's jawline to look more like Hrithik Roshan's.

On being quizzed the doctor refuses to name names, but also does not come out with an outright denial, thus giving rise to the notion that Harman has indeed undergone the Volumatrix face lift procedure. This involves the sucking out of fat from the middle of the face or beneath the eyes through a thin needle which results in a round face looking more oval or elliptical. Harman is now on the war path and aims to get the doctor to retract this story.

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