Pinky Memsaab - The Journey Within Movie Review: Why You Should Watch This Film Set in Dubai

Pinky Memsaab - The Journey Within Movie Review: Why You Should Watch This Film Set in Dubai

Pinky Memsaab - The Journey Within Movie Review: The film is a well-told story of self-discovery says our reviewer
Pinky Memsaab - The Journey Within Movie Review: Why You Should Watch This Film Set in Dubai
Pinky Memsaab poster
Movie NamePinky Memsaab
DirectorShazia Ali Khan
Actor Hajira Yamin, Kiran Malik, Rik Aby, Khalid Ahmed, Shamim Hilaly

The lady of the house catches her maid getting cosy with her husband! A girl comes across the harsh reality that her sister is not actually working in a salon, but she dances in a local bar to finance her growing son!  The daughter goes to her homeland to see her father after years of longing! Any other film would have used these scenes as opportunities to raise hell onscreen with a lot of drama. But Pinky Memsaab has zero tolerance for unnecessary noise and focuses on the plot and marches ahead towards the climax. The texture of the film is very real and that’s what makes it an endearing watch.

Pinky Memsaab revolves around Pinky, a girl living in a village in Punjab. She’s is hired by a rich socialite Mehr, as her domestic help. Mehr is married to Hasan who is an ambitious investment banker and is leading a comfortable life, in the eyes of their social circuit in which they operate.

The film is entirely character driven where the plot is the main player but the fate of the film highly depends on the execution and performances. Pinky Memsaab scores high in both these areas. None of the actors has done any major films earlier and it is surprising to see how a bunch of new entrants have taken it to another level with sheer honesty in their performances.

Adnan’s monologue during the party, Kiran’s expressions when the publisher rejects her effort as ‘Crap’ and then that speech before she slips into the pool or Hajra’s story about her marriage and divorce while braiding her hair are all testaments to the fact that the cast, despite being relatively new, is here to stay. A special shout out to the leading ladies Kiran Malik and Hajira Yamin who have performed very well – much better when compared to the established actresses in Lollywood today.
Some critics have questioned the purpose of making this film and the message that is intended to be delivered. According to me, Pinky Memsaab never tries too hard to send out any messages (explicitly). It is all done in a subtle way. The fact that the film shows expat lives and their struggles, the maid and her journey in Dubai, the impact of parental attention and negligence on a child’s academic performance, the struggles of a bar dancer, itself is commendable. In the second half, there is a scene when the father stands for her adopted Christian caretaker – it’s a wonderfully performed nugget on how we subconsciously discriminate.

Towards the end, there is an interesting father-daughter conversation at the dinner table on how the new generation handpicks and focuses only on the most prominent writers from the entire generation of writers and how the great services of others are ignored. Sadly, this is what happens to real films as well. Amongst the Jawanis and Jackpots, such films struggle to make their presence felt. Pinky Memsaab is a well-told story of self-discovery and this needs to be watched for its performances. Besides the technical flaws due to handheld cameras, some loose ends untied and the length, it is an appropriate tribute to everyone who calls Dubai their home.

This film releases in the UAE on Thursday.

– Sadiq Saleem is a Dubai based entertainment writer. He can be contacted on his page fb/sidsaidso.